By: The Professionals


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We have 3 seconds to make an impression. THAT’S ALL.
After 3 seconds, if the buyers’ interest is not captured…we’ve lost them!

So why is it that we see Realtors® taking such terrible pictures of homes?

At THE PROFESSIONALS, we are crazy serious about taking pictures of your home that are worthy of posting on the Internet and that DO capture buyers’ attention.

People go on the Internet to see pictures of homes and they want to be sure they are interested in a home before they call someone to view it, which is another reason why it is important to have lots of high-quality photographs of a home.

Professional photographs are also important because they inspire other Realtors® who will want to send your listing to their buyers. (Realtors® need to be sold first)

We have the “eye” for photography and we have the right equipment for it too.

If the pictures of your home don’t “WOW” you… and everyone else, you need a different photographer.

Don’t settle for anything less – you’ve only got 3 seconds!

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