By: The Professionals

Hire your REALTOR® like you would your accountant.

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He rides toward you on a white stallion with a twinkle in his smile and announces, “I’m the best accountant in the land and I’m here to save you from the perils of Revenue Canada!”

You reel with relief, throw your personal finances and receipts at his feet – and sign a binding contract.  No. Questions. Asked.

Weeks later, he’s vanished and won’t return your calls. He promised.  He cared.  Hey, he rode on a white horse! What happened?

You would NEVER hire an accountant who couldn’t produce the numbers.  So why do so many of us end up hiring REALTORS® to manage the largest financial asset we own without proving they’re worth it?

Maybe agents hope you get caught up in their bravado, grandiose promises, and flashy billboards.

What if REALTORS® had to come clean with the burden of proof? Show you how many homes they sold as a direct result of an open house (we already know it’s less than 1%). Or, how many of their clients were forced to reduced their asking price after 60 days because the REALTOR® told them what they wanted to hear just to get the listing?

It’s your home.  Your money.  Find a REALTOR® who will give it to you straight – just like your accountant.

Hey, it might not be sexy but it’ll put money in your pocket.

We know why most of our client’s homes sell within 97% of the list price. It’s not because we’re luckier than other agents, or the fact that we refuse to waste time with open houses. It’s because we’re willing to go the extra with clients and make a few adamant and uncommon requests before the sign ever goes in the ground.

PS: Just so you know how serious we are, if you’re not wowed by the time your home is ready for the sign on the front lawn – we’ll both shake hands and call it a day.

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