By: The Professionals

Don’t make buyers imagine the possibilities.

Tags: Buyers, Home Staging


WHY isn’t your house selling?
WHY are the offers so low?
WHY is this so damn hard?

Saying goodbye to a home where you have created many memories is not easy. You love this home. You can’t imagine anyone else NOT loving this home. And of course, you expect nothing less than top dollar for the privilege of buying your ‘pride and joy’.

BUT that was three months and a few low-ball offers ago!

The best potential buyers walk through your house and abhor your décor, scowl at your cabinets, and smirk at your flooring. HOW can this be?

You followed the ‘reality home show’ rules…clean, de-clutter, smelly candles, and cookies, so what’s the real issue?

Often it’s simply because you force potential buyers to imagine the possibilities. It’s not uncommon for the prep work to get trampled on simply because an agent only pays lip service to its importance.

So, we are a little blunt, brutally honest and we do expect you to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with us.
The result? Bargain hunters (aka house flippers) won’t waste your time with lowball offers, and legitimate prospects won’t click past your listing because it doesn’t show at its MAX value.

You lose when you make buyers work to imagine the possibilities. Period.


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