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Don’t make buyers imagine the possibilities.

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  WHY isn’t your house selling? WHY are the offers so low? WHY is this so damn hard? Saying goodbye to a home where you have created many memories is not easy. You love this home. You can’t imagine anyone else NOT loving this home. And of course, you expect nothing less than top dollar for the privilege of buying your ‘pride and joy’. BUT that was three months and a ...Read More

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Are you paying for lip service?

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A lot of Realtors® prefer the path of least resistance. They’ll agree with everything you say, candy coat the rest and take their chances. It’s easier – and secondly, why stir up a potential hornet’s nest before they’ve got the listing? Sometimes the best guidance is a bit like Buckley’s cough syrup (it tastes awful, BUT it works). Take the path of least ...Read More

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The difference between market price and market value in real estate

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Ways that buyers and sellers see a home can make all the difference In real estate, many agents suggest that it all comes down to price. Is it true that a property sells just because of price? What about the value component? Well, we all can agree that there needs to be an exchange of goods in order for a sale to occur. However, the buyer and seller might not rate value equally. When we market...Read More

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How Long Does it Take to Find a New Home?

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If you’re planning to look for a new home sometime in the future, you may be wondering how long the process will take. How much time should you set aside for viewings? How many of the listed homes should you see? Of course, the process varies from person to person. According to the Department of Housing & Urban Development, home buyers view an average of 15 properties before finally cho...Read More

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We have 3 seconds to make an impression. THAT’S ALL. After 3 seconds, if the buyers’ interest is not captured…we’ve lost them! So why is it that we see Realtors® taking such terrible pictures of homes? At THE PROFESSIONALS, we are crazy serious about taking pictures of your home that are worthy of posting on the Internet and that DO capture buyers’ attention....Read More